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Japanese ComPort Technology
A virtual serial port (crossing connection) can be generated, and serial communications soft developments be achieved with one PC.
ComPort Capture 1.30
It is capture as for the sending and receiving data that can be removed via the COM port (serial port).

About ComPort
Extension board etc. in which wide sense has serial port and external telecommunication facilit of PC/AT compatible. Moreover, the connector on the personal computer side corresponding to them might be indicated. IrDA, USB, IEEE 1394, and the PC card, etc. are strictly included in the COM port. This alias arose from naming "COM1" "COM2" etc. and the name when OS managed the serial port. In the narrow sense, it is a serial port for RS-232C of PC/AT compatible. Here might be called "RS-232C port". Two are prepared in the back by most PC/AT compatible, and it is general to connect the modem, the terminal adaptor, and the scanner, etc.In the connector shape, the D-Sub25 pin or the D-Sub9 pin is most.

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